In this episode you will learn about:

  • CJ’s background.
  • Her role at On The Move.
  • How CJ fell in love with marketing.
  • The importance of learning on the job.
  • How On The Move solves problems for people.
  • How On The Move transitioned from self-storage to the truck rental industry.
  • How On The Move is using trucks for several different purposes.
  • How rented trucks can help brands build deeper relationships with customers.
  • Why rented trucks act like rolling billboards that are also useful.
  • How real estate agents leverage rented trucks to drive sales.
  • The marketing challenges that On The Move has faced.
  • Why SEO has been difficult for On The Move.
  • The importance of strong customer relationships.
  • How the availability of trucks has impacted On The Move.
  • Advice that CJ would give her younger self about marketing.
  • What CJ thinks is the key to success.
  • Why it is dangerous to try to do too much without getting any help.
  • Why marketers never take a break from work.
  • The challenges of working from home in the post-pandemic world. 
  • CJ’s advice for your next marketing win.
  • Why it is important to trust your gut in marketing.
  • Why it is important to track your marketing and sales activities. 
  • Why you should remember your accomplishments.
  • The lessons that CJ learned from a big-budget marketing failure. 
  • Why traditional marketing is also important and relevant in our digital world today.

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