What do basketball, passports, and home sales have in common? A 6’- 9” smiling guy known at home and abroad for spreading positivity…AND some pretty innovative ideas about how to get the word out about his new venture.

Nate Lofton is known around the world as “Big Easy,” a fun-loving Harlem Globetrotter, world racer on The Amazing Race, father, husband, and real estate expert. He uses his experiences traveling the world to help him build his real estate business in a new town. I sat down with Nate to talk about how he’s working to stand out with his business, and how he’s using his past experiences to impact people every single day. 

Quick Wins YOU Can Do Today:

[Hint: Try some of these simple things anyone can do to increase their exposure.]

Evaluate what you have in your experiences and life and see how you can leverage that to your advantage. We all have unique sticking points that can help us connect with others.

“Use what you have to your advantage.” – Nate Lofton

Don’t make Excuses! Life sometimes hands us tough times, but we can choose how we respond to them. Be open to the opportunities that hard times give us.

“Either you can make an excuse or you can make a change.” – Nate’s Dad

When building a brand, you can’t expect things to just simply happen. You need to put in the work. Consistent activity and follow-up WILL open doors.

“Never sit still.” – Nate Lofton

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