Cameron Crawford has built a unique and dynamic community through her Facebook Group. While this group started as a way for her to start getting the word out for her new business, it’s become a thriving online community for adults who have aging parents. It’s a support group, resource group, place for education, and so much more! Learn some of the behind the scenes behind building a thriving community using just one feature on the Facebook platform of tools!

Soundbites From Cameron:

“My job is to be a host and give them a place for their voices. I see myself as a host and my job is to make sure everyone feels welcome.”

“Sometimes I’ll post something and get zero responses and you just have to not worry about it. Realize that people are busy in their lives. It’s not always someone’s job to sit around and like your posts. And then, sometimes posts will get 60 likes.”

Quick Wins YOU Can Do Today:

[Hint: Try some of these simple things anyone can do to increase their exposure.]

Identify your niche and your speciality and focus on the needs and hurts within that niche.

Schedule out your posts. Cameron recommends doing a month’s worth! Use a scheduling software and post multiple ones to various profiles to get the best bang for your buck. She also uses themes to help her frame out the month’s posts.

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