Affordable, or Free, Resources for Photos, Audio, and Video Clips

Free Resources For Photos, Audio, or Video FilesIn today’s world of social media, you HAVE to be creating your own content to get build any authority online.  Social media is part of an intricate web of promoting traffic to websites, linking your brand with others, getting broadcasted attention to your social channels, and ultimately building more followers.  One of the best ways to cut through all the noise and get noticed is by creating your own content, but even for larger brands, this can start to get expensive.

That’s why we created this list of resources that provide visual (photos), audio, and video media files that can be used to help create custom content.  We are honored to have our founder, Valerie Morris, featured on Social Media Examiner‘s website as a featured writer on this important topic.  If you are looking for resources for free photos, resources for free music or audio, or websites for free video clips, you need to check out Valerie’s article:

13 Stock Video, Stock Image, and Stock Audio Resources for Creators and Marketers

Why You Need Original Content For Your Marketing Strategy:

  • Showcase your own expertise:  Creating original content allows YOU to showcase what you know.  People don’t have to question you about if you know your stuff because you already prove it to them little by little with your original content.
  • Create tag-worthy social content:  By creating original content, you are creating something worth sharing by others.  Just as you probably share other industry-related articles that are written by others, others could be sharing your articles and content, bringing more exposure to your own brand.
  • Drive more web traffic:  Perhaps one of the best reasons to create your own content is that you can drive people back to your own website with clicks and interactions on the content.  This not only helps with subconscious brand-building, but also helps increase your authority online with things like Google.  This can help with overall SEO strategies and more.

Overview of Free Media Resources:


We want to hear your favorite resources!  We know that there are much, much more than 13 resources for media to create quality digital content and social media content.  Share with us your favorite resources and share the wealth!