Joe Cox shares with us today about how to get noticed with your marketing, while stimulating truly creative ideas in your marketing. He has a background working with brands like Red Bull, Coca Cola, and more, and today is sharing some of his insights with us. He runs an agency called Pop Marketer and helping brands bring the out-of-the-box, pop culture marketing ideas to everyday brands.

Soundbites From Joe:

  • It’s not enough to just keep up with the competition. You have to go do something different.
  • Innovating your brand is constant. You just have to embrace and be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Build it into your company DNA. That’s part of the job with marketing. Build time and energy in so that you can listen and adjust.
  • Zero in on the ONE thing you want to be known for. Not that ten things. Focus on that ONE thing.

Quick Wins YOU Can Do Today:

[Hint: Try some of these simple things anyone can do to increase their exposure.]

  • Curate ideas with Flipboard!
  • Tend the garden of what content you allow to come through. Do you need to do some weeding?
  • Go for a simple win and a quick win. Do it once and then you can build momentum. The key in business and brand growth is to sneak in the wins. Stop thinking too big and instead focus on the small steps of success.

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