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In this episode you will learn about:

  • How has Matt been innovating to keep up with all the changes around video in the online space.
  • Should you put a lot of effort into keeping up with friends?
  • Why it is important to create content that serves a purpose. 
  • Important marketing metrics to follow. 
  • How human psychology has changed over the years.
  • Should you change your marketing strategies based on trends?
  • The toxic side of social media.
  • Should you worry about vanity metrics?
  • The positive side of social media.
  • Matt’s biggest marketing wins in the last few years.
  • What is direct response marketing and how it works.
  • The key to unlocking monetization from online marketing.
  • The two fastest ways to grow your business.
  • Matt’s career before getting into the marketing industry.
  • The best ways to learn about social media marketing.
  • How to become more confident on camera.
  • Tips for people who are starting to embrace video more.
  • The best social media network for video content creators.
  • How to easily create content for YouTube.
  • The book that all consent creators should read. 
  • The importance of telling stories with your content.
  • How stories create stickiness for content. 
  • The changes that Matt made to his content strategy that helped him grow on YouTube.
  • It is important to realize that every platform is unique. 

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