Plus the Benefits of Working with LinkedIn Influencers

LinkedIn has really evolved. Contrary to popular belief, the platform isn’t just for recruiting and head hunting. 

In fact, there is a whole new way of marketing on the platform that people and brands are starting to tap into: influencer marketing. 

These influencers aren’t like TikTok or Instagram influencers. On LinkedIn, these are thought leaders who have mastered the art of personal branding and content strategy. They are active in the community and are known to spark thoughtful conversations online. 

Not sure how utilizing a LinkedIn influencer might be beneficial for your brand? Here’s why B2B (business to business) brands should care and how these influencers can be used to promote your brand on the platform.

What a LinkedIn Influencer Does

LinkedIn influencers, or LinkedInfluencers as they are sometimes called, spark conversations online around an idea or a brand. When they work in collaboration with a brand, they can help to promote your products or services. These collaborations can include:

  • Being a guest on your podcast
  • Writing a guest blog for your company
  • Being a guest on your webinar 
  • Being a guest speaker at your event
  • Writing a guest article on your company or product on a third party outlet, such as online publications

The Benefits of Collaborating with LinkedIn Influencers

LinkedIn influencers have a few benefits for brands who work with them. The first is organic reach. These influencers have large followings giving brands massive organic reach. These followings are also broader, meaning that brands who work with LinkedIn influencers have the opportunity to not only reach more people, but new niche audiences that you may not have had the ear of. 

The second big benefit is that they lend authenticity to your brand. Influencers are often seen as friends giving trusted recommendations or having thoughtful conversations. Authenticity can help build community and loyal consumers of your brand because people who feel like they are a part of something, and feel they can trust your brand, are more likely to make a purchase!

This community building naturally builds increased engagement around your brand as well. Because they spark thoughtful conversations, their audiences are more likely to comment on their posts or click their links, improving your conversion rates. 

Speaking of links, these links to your site on external sites like LinkedIn are known as backlinks. The more backlinks you have, the better your search engine optimization (SEO) score. Backlinks are what tell search engines, such as Google, that your content is both valuable and trustworthy. 

Key Takeaways

LinkedIn isn’t as saturated with influencers yet, so there are some real advantages for brands collaborating with influencers on the platform now versus down the road. Building a relationship with an influencer on LinkedIn can bring some great discussion and brand awareness around your brand, as well as build community and loyal customers.

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