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In this episode you will learn:

  1. How Ross got into live streaming.
  2. Similarities between live radio and live streaming.
  3. Key challenges when transitioning from doing audio-only shows to live streaming with video.
  4. Important innovations in live streaming over the last few years.
  5. The beginning of the show “Live Stream Deals”.
  6. The things that Ross did from the beginning to set up his live streaming career for success.
  7. Favorite tools that Ross uses for production.
  8. Is it important to have really good equipment and tools before starting a live streaming show?
  9. Advice for people who are just getting started in the live streaming business.
  10. Key differences between radio broadcasting and live streaming.
  11. The biggest advantages of live streaming when compared to radio broadcasting.
  12. Ross’ biggest marketing wins so far. 
  13. Book marketing strategy examples.
  14. Why it is good to focus on the positive aspects of a story. 
  15. The dark sides of social media today.
  16. Does everybody have a personal brand?
  17. Top advice from Ross for how you can go after your next win in marketing.

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