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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Shawn’s area of expertise.
  • Shawn’s 4-month social media training package that includes training for the internal team.
  • How Shawn’s business was impacted by Covid and how she adapted. 
  • How to develop engaging content for industries that don’t sell “shiny objects”.
  • The types of monthly newsletters that get good open rates. 
  • Why it is important for business owners to take marketing seriously. 
  • How adding a little bit of humor to marketing campaigns can help improve results.
  • How speaking to a more general audience with your marketing content can be beneficial.
  • How to make your brand more approachable online. 
  • Why it is important to show before transformations and after and behind the scenes content to your audience online. 
  • Marketing trends in the travel industry after Covid. 
  • The shift towards direct bookings in the travel industry and how social media can help increase such bookings tremendously. 
  • The type of social media content that travel companies should focus on.
  • How Shawn has positioned her brand on social media in a more innovative way.
  • Why doing marketing content about yourself can be awkward.
  • How an outside voice can help highlight brands in the most positive way on social media.
  • How being too close to the material can hurt marketing efforts.
  • Shawn’s most recent marketing win that involves the Caribbean.
  • Shawn’s best advice for companies that are trying to achieve their next marketing win with digital marketing.

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