Social Media Manager/Designer

Tintero Creative is looking for people who love researching, creating, and sharing ideas through digital marketing tactics. Most of our work falls under the social media channels, but there is some overlap with email marketing, website management, and blogging. This role is 100% contract and projects are usually fee-based, can range based on scope, and discussed prior to any work done. 



  • Curate and create social media post content to fit a client’s strategy
  • Use scheduling software tools to create and schedule content 
  • Use canva (or similar) to create social media graphics to coincide with social posts. 
  • Support manual posting of some social content. 
  • Some email newsletter creation possible, using MailChimp, Constant Contact, or similar.



  • Good understanding of the English language, including best practices for grammar and spelling.
  • Ability to navigate web-based softwares easily. Previous use of social media scheduling tools a plus, but not required. We can teach you the tool we use! 
  • Interest and ability to create basic designs in Canva/Illustrator. If you have any design experience, that’s wonderful!
  • Understanding of how social media is used in marketing and general best practices for social media channels. 
  • Tact: You should have a good filter for what’s appropriate, polite, and beneficial to post on social media. 



Much of the work we do can be executed at any time of the month, with one or two deadlines each month. Some small tasks require short pockets of time through the week. As a whole, this contract work is very flexible on time. 


Make or Break:

The biggest make-or-break quality with this job is if you can self-manage and meet deadlines. Regardless of how great your delivered work is, if you require being micro-managed or monitored closely, this will not be a good fit long-term. 


Interested? Send your resume and interest email to


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