Building Online (And Offline) Authority With The Help Of Tribes

Learn how you can leverage small, mastermind-size groups to expand your audience and increase your reach.  Melody Jones shares with us how she did it with the help of a handful of peers and a willingness to go deep!

Who is Melody Jones?

Melody Jones is a social media expert who works primarily with authors and speakers.  She has an online community called Social Media Aspirin, to help provide value and decrease pain for authors and writers in social media education.  Melody is also the founder of Colorado Women in Social Media and is a speaker and consultant.  

What Did We Chat About?

  • Social media tips for authors and writers
  • Challenges and growing pains of a new tribe
  • How to set guidelines and “rules” for your tribe
  • Basic principles for building online growth with social media

Golden Nuggets From Our Conversation:

  • Groups provide subtle accountability to keep moving toward your goals.
  • Meeting regularly is vital for any group or tribe.  
  • Vulnerability and the willingness to share struggles allows a group to truly grow.
  • There’s strength in numbers.  It gives you a confidence boost to go after a goal or task as a group.
  • Open communication is vital for a tribe to succeed.  Fight the urge to give into passive aggressive or simply passive communication.  “It’s easy to let technology stand in the way of true connection.”
  • “Groups are about helping people build courage.” – Valerie Morris
  • Be consistent AND persistent in social media.  It’s a marathon, not a sprint.  
  • Don’t be afraid to be your authentic self online.  People can tell when you’re not being genuine!  “The energy you put out is the energy you’ll get back.”
  • To build online authority, you need to be building off-line authority.  Show up at events, speak at conferences, and meet up with people live.  

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