Star Wars Forces Influencing Denver Content Marketing Firm.

TC 12.17.15I’ve gotta admit…I’m not a huge Star Wars fan.  I’m just not really into sci-fi, but I am into digital trends, and anyone with eyes can see that the release of Star Wars is big news.  And honestly, all the hype is actually making me want to go see the movie myself. The power of advertising is huge and there are a ton of forces pushing us to make certain decisions (like seeing a movie you normally wouldn’t care about).  It makes me think about some key forces that drive us forward and what forces have been key to our success at Tintero Creative.

Our Top Forces

  1. My Tribe.  I’m part of many little tribes and each have different spins toward business.  Each group challenges me in different ways, and each tribe has slightly different perspectives on business, but each group has helped me grow my business.
  2. Social Media.  Considering that Tintero Creative’s M.O. is social media, it would be silly to not do it ourselves.  We practice what we preach.  That’s why we have our own content marketing and social media marketing strategy already mapped out for the year.  We do this so that when life gets busy, we don’t have to stress about being inspired because we already have ideas written out.  However, if the inspiration hits, we can adjust and add it into the mix.
  3. Blogging.  Content marketing has propelled me and my team further.  When you get prospective clients calling you based on specific articles you’ve written, you know that what you’re doing is worth your time.  When you are getting steady traffic to your website because of articles you are putting out to the world, you know that what you’re doing is worth your time.  When you have business colleagues and clients comment on articles you’ve written, you know it’s worth your time.  When writing blogs challenges you to think critically about the industry you’re in, it’s worth your time, hands down!
  4. SEO.  We care about what search engines think about us, and that’s why we devote time to optimizing our site and our online presence.  We know that social media, blogging, programming, and SEO can all work together.
  5. Paid Advertising.  Whether you like it or not, social media advertising has brought a number of affordable digital advertising options to the table, and they can work well together with email marketing, display/banner ads, and other retargeting strategies.  We’re going to be employing the force of digital advertising for some key programs in the coming year.
  6. Local Business Community.  We’re devoted to promoting the local business community and getting involved in it. There’s immense power, especially in the Denver digital marketing scene, and we are proud to be part of it.  This involves participating and speaking at events like Denver Startup Week, local chambers, and other entrepreneurial events.
  7. Email.  As many digital marketing trends change rapidly, we’ve seen email stay pretty steady.  Email is a digital channel that is not going away, and it is a space that we can control a little more than say, Facebook’s algorithm.  Our email newsletters will continue to be a strong force we employ to reach our audience, all while bringing value.

What forces are guiding you and your business growth?  Perhaps a pop-culture sci-fi film could help inspire you to take a look at the forces guiding YOUR own business.

May The Force Be With You!